Sharing one particular slant on life, through word and image. That much I can promise as I pull up to the blogger’s table for the first time.

As I begin, it is 3 months before my 49th birthday. I am a woman and I ALWAYS tell my age. I’ve never understood the drama around keeping it a secret. If we are lucky, we grow old before we die, but die we shall. I am much more interested in how we live until we die.

I am a born and raised New Yorker, but have lived in Phoenix, San Francisco, and Denver. I lost my hearing between ages 10 and 35, and began “hearing again” at age 42 with cochlear implant technology. Three years ago, through a series of events that confirmed for me that there is no such thing as a coincidence, I arrived in the center of North Carolina. It is here that I’ve experienced the wonder of a sense of place. I am finding my voice, and I am getting braver at letting myself be heard.

16 thoughts on “Greetings!”

  1. This is a perfect start————in so many ways!!!

  2. Danielle said:


  3. Good luck in your future, Deb.

  4. What a wonderful start and of course one of your beautiful photos to greet the eye in an otherwise often bleak world. And may I say as your dad I couldn’t be prouder.

  5. Rosemary said:

    Loved reading it, wish you all the best, so far WONDERFUL!

  6. You are definitely someone I want to follow. What an example and what a Photographer.

  7. Carole King said:

    Happy for you as you begin a new journey in your life. Very glad we share the same path from time to time.

  8. I look forward to following this… as I do keeping up with each other on FB!

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