I think about definitions. A lot. I am of the opinion that the proper defining of a word, an intent, a rule, a law, sits at the crossroads of communication and perception. It does not make me popular, this insistence to fine tune definitions. Many of the people who I come into contact with each day seem to make rather broad assumptions that when they apply meaning to a thing everyone else sees in it kind. When I ask “how are we defining this thing, what are the parameters?” I often see a mild annoyance in the expression of the other. It slows a conversation to a near halt while we work at understanding whether we are all talking about the same interpretation of a situation or concept. Not infrequently, my comrade finds a way to either dismiss the concern, or move on to another topic.It’s too much work when all they really wanted to do was voice an opinion, get either agreement or dissenting point, and move on. I am very uncomfortable with quick assumptions. Every once in a while I find a friend who is not only willing but is eager to strip to the core what it is we’re about to discuss. Then, and only then, do I feel at ease, ready and willing to tackle discourse. Which leaves me talking to myself quite a bit. 🙂